Artist: Tanya Tucker | Song: If It Dont Come Easy

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Tanya Tucker, If It Dont Come Easy Tabs

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Country Tabs > Tucker Tanya Tabs > If It Dont Come Easy

Artist/Band: Tucker Tanya Tabs
Song: If It Dont Come Easy Tab

Album: Love Me Like You Used To
Written by:  D.L.Gibson\C. Karp

If It Don't Come Easy     Tanya Tucker

Bb                                           Eb
I know a man a good friend of mine he spends all of his time
           F                    Bb
Trying to make love a-work out right
But the woman that he loves she don't feel the same
              F                      Eb                    Bb
I don't know much about love But at least I've learned on thing.

Bb                 F  Eb                Bb
If it don't come easy you better let it go
                          F     Eb                F
Cause when it don't come easy there's no natural flow
F                           Eb                  Bb         Eb
Don't make it hard on your heart you might be better off alone
                   F   Eb                  Bb
If it don't come easy you'd better let it go.

                    F    Eb
(If it don't come easy you'd better let it 
better let it    better let it go)

I know a woman she's got a heart of gold
                    Eb                      F             Bb
You know she'd do anything to make her man feel right at home
But the man she loves he's a restless kind of guy
        F                  Eb              Bb
I wish there was a way I could make her realize

chorus, lead, to bridge

Eb                F      Eb                Bb
Let it go wo ooo oooh  though it's hard I know
Eb            F    Eb              Bb
Let it Looooose I tell you it's no use

To chorus, ending

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