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Tanya Tucker, Blood Red and Going Down Tabs

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Artist/Band: Tucker Tanya Tabs
Song: Blood Red and Going Down Tab

written by Curly Putman
That Georgia sun was blood red and going down
                     F             G
That Georgia sun was blood red and going down
Daddy said now come girl we're headed down the road to Augusta
And faintly through his clenched fists he called mama's name 
And then he cussed her
   C                                                                  G
He said girl you're young but some dude has come along and stole your mother
                                         D7                          G
But you can't steal a willing mind cause mama's always looking for a lover
repeat #1
With dusty teardrops on his face my daddy cried and big steps he was taking
Halfway running to keep up my shorter legs were so tired and shaking
C                                                        G
Where did I go wrong girl why she did leave us both this way
                                   D7                         G
At times like these a child of ten never knows exactly what to say
repeat #1
We searched in every barroom and honky tonk as well
And finally daddy found them and Lord you know the rest is hard to tell
C                                                           G
He sent me out to wait but scared I looked back through the door
                         D7                            G
And daddy left them both soaking up the sawdust on the floor
repeat #1

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