Artist: Greg Trooper | Song: Cumberland Square

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Greg Trooper, Cumberland Square Tabs

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Country Tabs > Trooper Greg Tabs > Cumberland Square

Artist/Band: Trooper Greg Tabs
Song: Cumberland Square Tab

Greg Trooper       Cumberland Square     written by Greg Trooper

Duane Jarvis   guitar
Rick Schell    drums
Greg Shirley   bass
Phil Madeira   organ
Mike McAdam    guitar
Greg Trooper   vocals/acoustic guitar

Em                           B7
It's been  so long since we talked till dawn
C                           G                   
Back when the train ran  on time
Em               B7
I can't remember when we stopped
C                    D
Seeing things eye to eye
C                                G
I'm sure that your reasons were fair
C                         D
And I acted like I didn't care
        Em      B7       C          G
But I'm sure as hell not doing that well
      C               D          G
Still hanging down in Cumberland Square
Em                  B7
I wonder where  you are tonight
C                      G
Did you move north or south
Em                B7 
I know no one who knew you when
C                                  D
And there's no way I'll ever find out
         C                G
I used to meet you on the step right there
          C                        D
There was nothing that we wouldn't share
Em              B7       C          G
But I'm sure as hell not doing that well
      C               D          G
Still hanging down in Cumberland Square


Em                   B7
I love to think I'll quit this scene
C                        G
Maybe catch a bus out of town
Em              B7
I usually wish upon a star
C                               D
Every evening when the sun goes down
         C                   G
Tomorrow I could be with you somewhere
        C                 D
Leaning back in that easy chair
           Em    B7        C        G
It's gonna be alright just one more night
C            D          G
Down here in Cumberland Square
          C               D          G 
I'm still hanging down in Cumberland Square

From Greg Trooper   "Popular Demons"
Koch Records 1998
Peanuts & Crackerjacks/Sony/ATV Songs LLC(BMI)

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