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Randy Travis, Send My Body Tabs

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Artist/Band: Travis Randy Tabs
Song: Send My Body Tab

Send My Body Home
By Randy Travis

Well that judge he found me guilty of wrong doing
       A                           E
And he sentenced me to hang in mid-July
   E                                              C#7
He looked down at me and said your lifeís a ruin
F#                                     B7
If I were you I'd break right down and cry
But nobody seems to care that I ain't guilty
  A                                   E
I never did the things they said I've done
      E                                    C#7
But I guess they're gonna have to hang somebody
         F#              B7           E
And it's lookin like I'm gonna be the one

   A                      E
So send my body home on a freight train
          A                                E
And don't worry none that I don't go first class
A                      E              C#7
Send my body home on a freight train
   F#                         B7
So everyone can see me when I pass
          A                         E
And don't worry none about no fancy funeral
      A                               E
Cause it donít matter how they lay me down
     A                       E            C#7
Just see they bury me out by mama's apple tree
    F#           B7              E
And send my body back to my home town

Well, my mama was one damn hard workin woman
And she tried to raise us kids without a paw
The last thing that she said she was on her dying bed
Was son don't get in trouble with the law
Whenever my time comes to meet my maker
I'm going to try to do my very best
I'm going try to stand and take it like a man
When they ask if I have one request
Well Iíll just say


Just see they bury me out by mama's apple tree
And send my body back to my home town


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