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Traditional, Misery Loves Company Tabs

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Artist/Band: Traditional Tabs
Song: Misery Loves Company Tab

Performed by Porter Wagoner
Written by Jerry Reed

[D]Break out the bottle, bring on the [G]crowd
Yes, gather 'round [D]me, 'cause mis-e-[A]ry loves com-pa-[D]ny...[G]...[D]

[D]I just left my home friends, where I couldn't [G]sleep
For missin' a [D]woman, that I couldn't [A]keep
She just walked out and [D]left me, for somebody [G]else
Now her mem-o-[D]ry, keeps haunting [A]me, when I'm by my-[D]self...[G]...[D]

[D]So break out the bottle, bring on the [G]crowd
Tell funny [D]stories, turn the jukebox up [A]loud
Come and sit at my [D]table, where the drinks are on [G]me
Yes, Gather 'round [D]me, 'cause mis-e-[A]ry, loves com-pa-[D]ny...[G]...[D]

Now I'm not the first one, who's lost everything
To a false-hearted woman, with a false'hearted dream
But this time is the first time, I've suffered myself
Help me get over this love, I'll handle the next love, all by myself.


|  Submitted by:                        Gene Graham     |
|                  El Paso, Texas  |

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