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Trent Tomlinson, The Bottle Tabs

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Country Tabs > Tomlinson Trent Tabs > The Bottle

Artist/Band: Tomlinson Trent Tabs
Song: The Bottle Tab

Capo 2nd Fret
Intro: (D)  (D/F#)  (G)  

(D) I just cracked the (D/F#) top on some (G) Jim Beam I just bought. 
Took a (D) big ol' swig an' (A) I just set her (D) down. 
It's a foolish thing to (D/F#) think, that you could (G) kill the hurt with drink, 
But it's the (D) only thing that (A) I can think of (D) now.  (D/C#)
(Bm) Got her down to the top (A) of the st(G)icker: 
I (Em7) wish this stuff would kick in a little (A) quicker. 

  (D) I can still see us on that (D/F#) tiltawhirl, spinnin'. 
  Cotton (G) candy in the wind she had (A) mustard on her chin, 
  From that (D) corn-dog that slipped right (D/F#) off of the stick, 
  And that (G) top of the Ferriss wheel (A) kiss. 
  I (Em7) ain't forgot a(D/F#)bout that (G) yet, 
  But I (Em7) still have some (A) whiskey (D) left. 

(D) Sure thought I'd be (D/F#) able, once I (G) reached the middle of the label, 
That (D) some of those memories would (A) somehow wash a(D)way. 
Now I'm pushin' toward the (D/F#) bottom, and thoughts of (G) her, yeah, I still got 'em. 
Those (D) shots, I've shot 'em, but they (A) ain't killed yester(D)day. (D/C#m)
(Bm) Just a little below (A) the st(G)icker: 
Yeah, I (Em7) must've got a bad batch of (A) liquor. 

  (D) I can still see her standin' (D/F#) there on that sidewalk, 
  Yellin' (G) out for the taxi that would (A) take her away, 
  From the (D) arms of the one that still (D/F#) loves her 
  With all of his (G) heart. (A) 
  I (Em7) ain't forgot a(D/F#)bout that (G) yet, 
  But I (Em7) still have some (A) whiskey (D) left. 


(D) I just tipped it (D/F#) up an' took the (G) last sip from the cup: 
Threw that (D) bottle on the (A) ground an'started to (D) cry. 
I know that I've had (D/F#) plenty an' (G) now there just ain't any, 
An' (D) I'm just as empty as that (A) bottle inside.

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