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Trent Tomlinson, Drunker Than Me Tabs

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Artist/Band: Tomlinson Trent Tabs
Song: Drunker Than Me Tab

Intro: (G) (G) 

Well, (G) lately I been noticin' a gradual escalation,
In your inability to handle your libation.
Go (C) zero to sixty,
(D) When you get on the (G) whiskey.
Well, (G) used to be a glass of wine an' you'd be fine all evenin'.
Now I'm the one who says: "We're done," an' tells us when we're leavin'.
Well, (C) I miss the way that it was,
(D) Can't even catch the good buzz. 

  'Cause I keep (G) worryin' about who's drivin' home,
   Who's got the keys, who's got the 'phone.
   Who'll (C) pay the bill, call a cab.
   (D) I don't mean to make you mad,
   But (C) I don't want that responsibilit(D)y, 
   And I (C) can't be with a woman, baby, (D) who gets drunker than (G) me.

Well, I (G) never thought it'd come to this when I said: "Have another."
'Cause, baby, you turned into me, and I became my mother.
Well, (C) here's what I'm thinkin':
(D) You're interferin' with my (G) drinkin'. 
I (G) think I have an answer to our present situation,
'Cause you an' me out on the town's got built in limitations.
So (C) let me make this clear:
Hey I'm the (D) one who's drinkin' here.


(F) I ain't tryin' to (C) ruin your good (G) time.
But I (F) damn sure ain't lettin' (C) yours ruin (D) mine.
You ain't gonna ruin my good time, baby.

Instrumental break.


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