Artist: Pam Tillis | Song: One Of Those Things

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Pam Tillis, One Of Those Things Tabs

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Country Tabs > Tillis Pam Tabs > One Of Those Things

Artist/Band: Tillis Pam Tabs
Song: One Of Those Things Tab

Its Just One Of Those Things
     by Pam Tillis

C - Fm - C - Fm - C

Verse 1
There's no mistakin' what's taken place here,
I can't pretend anymore,
You know that I love you, but its not enough
   Fm                    G
To keep you away from my door.
        Am                        G
Now its too late to wonder what's left to be tried
F                       Fm
Your mind's made up and my hands are tied.

          C                        F                   C
It's just one of those things that I can't do nothing about

Your love is something that I'm gonna have to learn to live
        C                          C7
I could beg, I could plead and get down on my knees
      F                             Fm
But I think I've finally figured it out
          C                    G                   C
It's just one of those things, I can't do nothing about.

C - Fm - C - Fm - C

Verse 2
So bring on the tears and bring on the heartaches
Let me get on with my pain
   C                     Am
If this is good-bye then let's get it over
F                          G
There's nothing left to explain
    Am                         G
Now God knows I've tried, I've tried for so long
       F                     Fm
What's left of my heart will have to be strong

Repeat Chorus and Tag

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