Artist: Mel Tillis | Song: Good Woman Blues

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Mel Tillis, Good Woman Blues Tabs

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Artist/Band: Tillis Mel Tabs
Song: Good Woman Blues Tab

Good Woman Blues
By Mel Tillis

My name you will find on the tail of my shirt
I'm a Tennessee hustler never do worse
I kiss a different woman with the fall of each dew
C                      D          G 
Always a-singing these good woman blues

I've been playing music back in Tennessee
Lot of women there lord they think the world of me
Memphis and Nashville, Chattanooga too
Always a-singing these good woman blues

D                          C            G  
Good woman blues lord they never get me down
D              C       D  
Too many women always around
I strike like the lightning and bringing good news
C                      D          G 
Always a-singing these good woman blues

Well a woman in Dallas she's on my mind
Texas women are the tie-me-down kind
I just keep on walking with my traveling shoes
Always singing these good woman blues

Well sunny California I can hear you call
Got more women there than a freight train can haul
Your warm red wine and your sun is good news
Always a-singing these good woman blues


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