Artist: Paul Thorn | Song: Ain't Livin' In Sin No More

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Paul Thorn, Ain't Livin' In Sin No More Tabs

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Artist/Band: Thorn Paul Tabs
Song: Ain't Livin' In Sin No More Tab

Ain't Livin' In Sin No More
By Paul Thorn

Capo 1

There's Christmas lights in the back yard on the 23rd day of June
There's a big cake on a wash tub with a plastic bride and groom
All the neighbors and their relatives brought there own folding chairs
Her mama thanked the good Lord above for answering her prayers
                     A           E
They ain't livin' in sin no more

Well they hired a part time preacher that fixes chain saws on the side
The boom box played "Endless Love" and Alabama's "Feels so Right"
She said "I do" and he did too, she threw her bouquet in the air
They drove away in a black Firebird with Minute Rice in their hair

They aint livin' in sin no more
They aint livin' in sin no more
           B                                    A
Since they took those wedding vows, who are the neighbors gonna talk about now
Ain't livin' in sin no more

They came home after the honeymoon and nothin' had really changed 
Except for a legal document and her different last name
The Church of God preacher came over. He said, "we've all been praying for you
And now that you're livin' right we want y'all to come back to Sunday school."

           A                              E
Yeah, it's easy to find a lover, but it's hard to find a friend
           A                       B 
So they decided to test the waters before they jumped in


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