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Hank Thompson, Cab Driver Tabs

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Artist/Band: Thompson Hank Tabs
Song: Cab Driver Tab

Still a great's a song that was requested in the last news 
letter.  The song "Cab Driver" from Hank Thompson's Album, "The Best of the 
Best Hank Thompson".  Enjoy!

Recorded by Hank Thompson in key of C

Verse I

Cab[C]Driver, drive by Mary's [G]place

I'd like to have a chance to see her [C]face

Please don't stop the meter, let it [F]race

Cab[G]Driver, Drive by Mary's [C]place

Verse II

Cab[C]Driver, once more 'round the [G]block

Never mind the ticking of the [C]clock

I only wish we could have had a [F]talk

Cab[G]Driver, once more 'round the [C]block

Verse III

Cab[C]Driver, once more down the [G]Street

There's the little place we use to [C]meet

That's where I layed my future at her [F]feet

Cab[G]Driver, once more down the [C]street

Verse IV

Cab[C]Driver, A-wait here by the [G]door

Perhaps I'll hold her in my arms once [C]more

Then, things will be just like they were [F]before

Cab[G]Driver, wait here by the [C]door

Verse V

Cab[C]Driver, better take me [G]home

I guess that, I was meant to be [C]alone

I hope God sends me another one of my [F]own

Cab[G]Driver, better take me [C]home

Tag:  Cab[G]Driver, better take me [C]home

From: Bill and Candy Husselman

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