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Texas Renegade, Angel Of The Moonlight Tabs

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Country Tabs > Texas Renegade Tabs > Angel Of The Moonlight

Artist/Band: Texas Renegade Tabs
Song: Angel Of The Moonlight Tab

Angel Of The Moonlight
Recorded by Texas Renegade

Intro.:  (Dr. solo)    ----- 4 bars -----
         (Dr. + Bs.)  | (E)  | (A) (B) | (E)  | (E)  |
         (Band)       | (E) (B) | (A) (B) | (E) (B) | (A) (B)

Well, I went (E)one more time (B) to the five and dime to-(A)night (B)
I came (E)back dead broke (B) with a bottle of coke and a (A)shiner (B) on my eye
Then (C#m)I found your number, I (E)called it up
(C#m) I drink whiskey straight (E) from my coffee cup
Then I (B)left the house and I (A)headed out

There were (E)empty bottles (B) and cigarette (A)smoke (B)
Someone (E)pass it a-(B)round and tell me (A)one more little (B) dirty joke
'Cause I'm (C#m)lonely as ever, I'm (E)ugly as sin
(C#m) I need somethin' better than this (E)shape
I've been in to-(B)night, I've been (A)in tonight

Little (E) (A)angel of the (C#m)moonlight (B)
(E) (A)Must have fallen down (C#m)from grace (B)
'Cause it's (E)gettin' way (A) past (C#m)midnight, (B) I see the tears
(E) That (A)stain your pretty (C#m)face (B)
But you're all inno-(A)cence, lace, and (B)white, little angel of the (E)moonlight

Inst.:  --- (A) | (C#m) (B) | (E) (A) | (C#m) (B)

I found (E)one more rhyme at the bottom of my (C#m)page (B)
Just an-(E)other line about all the times you (C#m)turned your back (B) and walked away
(C#m)Left me here with my (E)heart in my hands
(C#m) Don't you worry dear if (E)I don't understand
All these (B)little things, they're gonna (A)make me who I am

Little (E) (A)angel of the (C#m)moonlight (B)
(E) (A)Must have fallen down (C#m)from grace (B)
'Cause it's (E)gettin' way (A) past (C#m)midnight and I (B)see the tears
(E) That (A)stained you weary (C#m)face (B)
Oh, with that (A)comin' of age boy, he (B)broke your heart again
So, (C#m)walk on (B)mine and (A)now it's wearin' thin again to-(B)night
It's black or (A) white, little angel of the (E)moonlight

Outro.:   --- (A) | (C#m) (B) | (E) (A) | (C#m) (B) |
         | (E) (A) | (C#m) (B) | (E) (A) | (C#m) (B) |
         | (A)  | (B)  | (C#m)  | (A)  | (E) -----


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