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Zebulon Swift, If Only Tabs

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Country Tabs > Swift Zebulon Tabs > If Only

Artist/Band: Swift Zebulon Tabs
Song: If Only Tab

ĺ time   capo 3rd fret

D#                                                  G#      B#m D#
If only I had some money    If only I had some time
Iíd show the whole world     Whatís in my mind
F#m                 G#               B#m                D#
Its like telling a joke        That I know isnít funny
D#                                              G#        Cm       D#
If only I had some time    If only I had some money

Did I find out too late        How the race it is run
And that I didnít heed              The starting gun

Each day I move closer     Ever closer to death
What will I say                With my dying breath

Will I tell a story                    Not half-truths or lies
Of how I succeeded               Cause of how hard I tried      

Or will I tell a you joke     That I know isnít funny
If only I had some time    If only I had some money

D#                                               G#      B#m    D#

Will I look for redemption    From the next of my line
Saying do more with yours     Than I done with mine

Will I look to the past with remorse and regret
Thinkin of al the things I havnít seen yet
Will I                                
Will I look to you

Will I tell you a joke      That ainít never been funny
If only I had some time    If only I had some money

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