Artist: Doug Supernaw | Song: Mesquite Cowboy Mind

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Doug Supernaw, Mesquite Cowboy Mind Tabs

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Country Tabs > Supernaw Doug Tabs > Mesquite Cowboy Mind

Artist/Band: Supernaw Doug Tabs
Song: Mesquite Cowboy Mind Tab

written by:  Doug Supernaw/Justin White
performed by:Doug Supernaw on "Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind"

    D                         G
1.Another lonely motel room another lonely night
           D                                         A
  I gotta ride on a bronc called Certain Doom and I need to show 85
   D                                              G
  Money's tight and mornings are rough 'cause at night I toss and turn
    D                                     A               D
  Thinkin' I should change my course and head on home to her

C.And I'm wonderin' if I'm broken down
  Thinkin' I should turn around
   D                            A
  Pack up my belongings and go home
  But there's something I feel down inside
  Must be damned old foolish pride
            D                             A
  And the dream of ridin' someday in the Dome
  Keeps me coming back each time
              A                        D
  Me and my crazy old mesquite cowboy mind

2.Another 7 second ride, just a second shy of rent
  She's searching through the mail for the check I never sent
  Lately I've been getting thrown, landing hard and tasting dirt
  But it's not broken bones it's a broken heart that's causin' me to hurt


 transcribed by: Paul Leafgreen

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