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Doug Supernaw, Daddy Made The Dollars Tabs

Doug Supernaw Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Supernaw Doug Tabs
Song: Daddy Made The Dollars Tab

Doug Supernaw

Intro: (E)  (E) 

(E) Daddy's brand new (B) bass boat cost him (A) 2 weeks on the couch
(E) Fourteen dozen (B) roses and his boys night (A) out
But when he (E) test drove that new (B) Bronco
Mama (A) test flew a fryin' pan
She said (E) from now on the buck (B) stops here in my (E) hand

   (A) Daddy made the dollars
   (E) Mama made the sense
   (B) Daddy never questioned
   One (E) penny mama pinched
   We (A) all knew where it came from
   (E) She knew where it (A) went
   (E) Daddy made the dollars
   (B) Mama made the (E) sense

(E) Daddy had a (B) good name, he wore it (A) right there on his shirt
(E) Everybody (B) knew he didn't run from (A) work
(E) Mama cut corners and (B) coupons
But (A) still took time to dream
Never (E) livin' without or (B) livin' within our (E) means

   Repeat Chorus Twice

   (E) Daddy made the dollars
   (NC) Mama made the (E) sense

Fade out...

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