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George Strait, Why Not Now Tabs

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Artist/Band: Strait George Tabs
Song: Why Not Now Tab

From Masayuki
Subject : "Why Not Now" sung by George Strait
Written by Steve Bogard, Jeff Stevens
Album : One Step At A Time
Transcribed by : Masayuki,  E-mail:
(capo 1)
Intro : G   C-Bm7-D     G   C-Bm7-D    

        G                        C-G
1. You take it nice and easy
   You play it safe 'cause that's what people do today
   I guess that's ok
    G                            C-G
   Girl somewhere in your mind
   There must be a perfect time to fall in love
   But baby I'm burnin' up

Chorus :
           G                Bm
   So why not now, why not here
               C                    D
   Darlin' my herat just ain't too clear
   Oh what are we waitin' for
   'Cause I've never been so sure
            G            Bm
   Why not you, why not me
                C                D
   Livin' like we were meant to be
      Am7       D
   Together, forever
            G (Inst1,2,Outro Start) 
   Why not now

Inst1. (G)    C-Bm7-D

    G                          C-G
2. Right here in this moment
   We could start a love to stand the test of time
   Baby you know that's right
   G                           C-G
   No one knows tomorrow
   The mornin' sun could rise and take our chance away
   Long gone with yesterday

Repeat Chorus 

Inst2. (G)   C-Bm7-D     G    C-Bm7-D   

Repeat Chorus

Outru : (G)   C-Bm7-D     D

  Masayuki         E-Mail:
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