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George Strait, One Of You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Strait George Tabs
Song: One Of You Tab

George Strait "One Of You" from his brand new album {Always Never The Same}

This seems pretty easy to play, but I figured it out by ear so if there are
any mistakes feel free to make your own changes to the song.

Play upbeat, I think it's played in 2/4 time. Good Luck.


D                            A                                    D
Last night I had a dream, dreamt I had it all,

D                         G           A               D
I had one truck, one car, one boat, one guitar

D                                              G
But all these things wouldn't get me too far

A                                 D
If I didn't have one of you.

D                           A                                        D
I work hard everyday, to bring home all my pay,

D                          G                                     D
I got one house, one yard, one dog who likes to bark

D                                       G
We'd be cold living in the dark if I didn't have one of you.

G                                     D
One of you is all I want and all I'll ever need

Dm                                    A
One of you is all it takes to make my life complete.

Chorus:D                    A                                  D
             This is what I have, you can have it all
              D                        G              A                    D
              I got one heart, one love, one dream I'm dreaming of
              D                                  G
              Wouldn't have known what to give it all to
               A                                 D
               If I didn't have one of you

G                                     D
One of you is all I want and all I'll ever need

Dm                                    A
One of you is all it takes to make my life complete.

Play the chorus one more time to finish the song

Good Luck
Song submitted by: Chris Goodgion
Written by: Kostas, Jim Lauderdale
Performed by Mr. George Strait
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, or requests. Thankyou.
Chris Goodgion

Please, support George Strait.
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