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George Strait, Friday Night Fever Tabs

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Artist/Band: Strait George Tabs
Song: Friday Night Fever Tab

From Masayuki
Subject : "Friday Night Fever" sung by George Strait
Written by Dean Dillon, Frank Dycus, Blake Mevis
Album : Strait Country
Transcribed by : Masayuki,  E-mail:
GS site:)
NOTE!! Tune your guitar carefully...
Key Of A
Intro : A ...
1. I love the sound of a jukebox playing,
      A-Maj7      A7                  D
   So I sit here while she's staying home
             Dm         A      C
   watching Dallas on T.V.
   I love the taste of whiskey straight, 
            A-Maj7              A7
   But the strongest thing she ever takes
         D           Dm               A
   is a sip from a small glass of chablis.
1' Though birds of a different feather,

   our love keeps us together,
   And she knows what's wrong with me tonight,
   I've got that 
*  Friday Night Fever; 
  A-Maj7        A7                D-Maj7  
   Sometimes a man just needs a breather.
  Dm                           A
   She knows I love her and I need her.
   And I'm no cheater,
  E                                 A
   I've just got that Friday Night Fever.

2. She wouldn't change me if she could, 
  A-Maj7                   A7
   I wouldn't change her, she's too good.
        D                Dm                A     C
   Sometimes a man just needs a change of pace. 
   I've heard all those come-on lines,
       A-Maj7        A7
   but I go home at closing time.
   D                    Dm            A
   I know no one could ever take her place

2' Now she's taking down her hair, 

   she knows I'll soon be there.
   to give her the love she needs tonight.

   I've got that 

Repeat *  

   I got that   [Repeat *] 

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