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Gary Stewart, Whiskey Trip Tabs

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Artist/Band: Stewart Gary Tabs
Song: Whiskey Trip Tab

Whiskey Trip
By Gary Stewart

      D             G         D 
I can almost see me now In Acapulco 
      D                           Em                   A 
I can almost feel the breeze that makes the palm trees sway 
    D             G            D
The motion of the ocean in the bottle 
     G              A          D
Says loving her is just A sip away 

            G                                  D
Takin' me a whiskey trip loving her with every sip 
                Bm  Bm/A G                               D
I'm just like a sailing  ship a'waiting for the winds to blow 
                  G                            D
Whiskey, you're a friend of mine you can blow away my mind 
              Bm    Bm/A G                        D 
To some other place and  time taking me a whiskey trip 

I can almost see her now here beside me 
I can almost smell the perfume drifting from her hair 
And living with this feeling of wanting her 
One more drink.. and I know I'll be there 


Taking me a whiskey trip 
Loving her with every sip 
I'm just like a sailing ship 
Waiting for the winds to blow


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