Artist: Gary Stewart | Song: Ten Years Of This

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Gary Stewart, Ten Years Of This Tabs

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Artist/Band: Stewart Gary Tabs
Song: Ten Years Of This Tab

Ten Years Of This 
By Gary Stewart
rmofle at

Capo 3

G  D  C  G
G  D  C  G

      G     C       G
You'd never know by looking
        G    C         G
We were ever more than strangers
           C               F     C         G      D C G 
But, we're celebrating ten years of wedded bliss
G            C         G
She made the rounds as usual
         G     C             G 
While, I sit here stoned, as usual
        G       C           G     D            G
Lord, I can't believe we survived ten years of this

G           F C
Ten years together
A million nights alone
G       G/F#  Em    D
Whose mistake is it
C                   D  C  G
What do we blame it on

If someone else would tell me
What I already know in my mind
I'm afraid I'd start talking with my fists
But, I know, I'm only lieing
What ain't dead, by now is dying
What in hell kept us together for ten years of this


Maybe you start cheating
Because you married so young
Whatever it is, I cain't go home
I know, I cain't take it
Too long, I've had to fake it
I just don't think we can make it through ten more years of this

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