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Ray Stevens, The Day That Clancy Drowned Tabs

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Country Tabs > Stevens Ray Tabs > The Day That Clancy Drowned

Artist/Band: Stevens Ray Tabs
Song: The Day That Clancy Drowned Tab

The Day That Clancy Drowned
written by Sheb Wooley

INTRO: B  A  E  B  A

       E                              A  E
In the town of Old Milwaukee, back in 1982
                          F#7                B
He celebrated 40 years of makin' that famous brew
    E                               A              E
The master of the taster's art, Milwaukee's number one
               A             E              B                E
And he could fairly feel the flavor as it swished across his tongue

Over time and weekends, Old Clancy never shirked
They said it was amazin' how much Clancy loved his work
But one scorchin' afternoon as he made his final round
He fell into the sixty-thousand gallon vat and drowned

B      A   C#m  E   A    B
Oh the day that Clancy drowned
   E                                 F#7             B
He could've called for help but Lord he never made a sound
    E                             A              E
We all tried to rescue him but we didn't have no luck
          A             E             B                E
'Cause he dived to the bottom and we couldn't pull him up


F                               Bb                 F
It was a solemn occasion as his buddies gathered 'round
                                     G7             C
They had to make arrangements for to put him in the ground
          F                           Bb              F
When they took the dear departed over to the funeral place
Bb               F                C                  F
Took 'em half an hour to get that big smile off his face

Brother Daniels preached the funeral and he had some words to say
'Bout the life of brother Clancy, ah yes and how he passed away
"Could it not have been avoided," said he, "that he met this tragic end"
"Well preacher he got out 3 times to go the bathroom but he always jumped back in!"

C      Bb  Dm   F  Bb   C
Oh the day that Clancy drowned
       F                          G7            C
He was blowin' pearly bubbles and swimmin' all around
  F                             Bb                 F
A-gurglin' and a-gigglin' and a-wearin' that silly grin
          Bb               F                C                 F
Ah but he fought us like a flounder when we tried to haul him in


C      Bb  Dm   F   Bb   C
Oh the day that Clancy drowned 

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