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Ray Stevens, Fred Tabs

Ray Stevens Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Artist/Band: Stevens Ray Tabs
Song: Fred Tab

 (C)Well,(Am)Fred was a dog I used to own. He (G)used to answer the telephone, and every (F)now and then he'd take the
(G)truck into town for (C)groceries. Yeah, old (Am)Fred and I got along real well. At the (G)checker board ol Fred was swell
and he (F)never minded takin (G)turns at doin' the (C)dishes. Well when (Am)Fred was just about three years old he (G)started
acting kind of old and he'uz (F)chasin' after that (G)beagle down across the (C)highway. He (Am)eased down there every day
and night I said (G)"Fred, ya know ya gonna have to fight" he said (F)"Well, I've already whooped everything (G)tween here
and the (C) highway".

Chorus 1:
(Am)Fred, you are a (G)good dog, but the (F) women gotchu (G)runnin' wild and (F) crazy (G)as a (C)loon. Oh (Am)Fred, you
are a (G)good dog. But-cha (F)chasin' cars, hangin' (G)out at bars and (F)howling (G)at the (C)moon.

Well one (Am)night ol Fred came a-stragglin' in, he'uz (G)lookin' bad but he'uz sportin' a grin, he said (F)paw, I just took
a (G)wife an I wantcha ta (C)meet-er. Well, (Am)she didn't have very much to say, it'uz (G)plain ta see she'uz in a family
way. And she said (F)"Fred, ya better whip on (G)back and get my (C) suitcase". Well (Am)Fred never made it to the other side
cause (G)right in the middle of the road he died, (F)flattened by a trucker hauling (C)dog food. Now ol (Am)Fred's gone and
she's a livin' here just a (G)yackin' atter kids and drinkin' my (root)beer, and (F)she won't drive the (G)truck nor do the
Chorus 2)
Oh (Am)Fred, you were a (G)good dog, but-cha (F)never knew when to (G)chase um or when ta (F)turn a(G)round and (C)run. Oh
(Am)Fred, you were a (G)good dog, but now ya (F)flat out on the (G)freeway and (F)dryin' (G)in the (C)sun.
Ya know ol (Am)Fred's gone and I'm kind of glad cause if (G)he'uz here now, he'd sho be mad cause not (F)one of them pups
looks any(G)thing like him(C)
repeat chorus 2

[Thanks to Tim Wright for tabs]

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