Artist: Sparklehorse | Song: Most Beautiful Widow In Town

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Sparklehorse, Most Beautiful Widow In Town Tabs

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Artist/Band: Sparklehorse Tabs
Song: Most Beautiful Widow In Town Tab


C9  G  Bm7  C9  x2

Verse 1:

C9                  G           Bm7                 C9
  we were both standing in your mother's living room

C9                 G         Bm7                    C9
  sweating up a storm in that terrible month of June

C9                          G              Bm7            C9 
  and the sweat rolled down your cheek and into your mouth

C9                          G                      Bm7
  I knew this must've been a dream 'cos your mother would never let me in her 



Em     D/F#      G         D
you are the most beautiful widow

Em     D/F#      G         D
you are the most beautiful widow

Am     Bm7       C         D
you are the most beautiful widow in town

Verse 2:
many years later in the glassy month of December
I stood with my hands in my pockets trying to avoid
a shiny wedding portrait hanging on that old woman's wall
'cos I knew you'd be wearing a smile that'd be too painful to look upon


Verse 3: (instrumental with solo)


Ending: C9  G  Bm7  C9  G

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