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Red Sovine, Are You Mine Tabs

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Artist/Band: Sovine Red Tabs
Song: Are You Mine Tab

Recorded by Red Sovine and Goldie Hill
Written by Don Grashey, Jim Amaded and Myrna Lorrie

[D] Are You Mine all life through?
Will you kiss me when I'm blue?
Will you [A7] whisper I love you
And make [D] all my dreams come true?
Will you share the good and bad?
Bring me joy when I am sad?
Tell me [A7] darling, Are You Mine, and only [D] mine?

[D7] (M) Are You [G] Mine? (F) Yes I [D] am
(M) All the [A7] time? (F) Yes I [D] am
(M) Mine A-[G] lone? (F) Yes sir-[D] ree!
(M) All my [A7] own? (F) Yes sir-[D] ree!
(F) No one [G] else will ever do
I'll be [D] yours and I'll be true
(Both) Don't worry [A7] dear, have no fear, 'cause I'm [D] yours.

Are You Mine? tell me dear
Will I always have you near?
Will the love light always shine
In your heart just like in mine?
Will you give as well as take?
Keep the vows that you will make?
Tell me darling are you mine, and only mine?


Are You Mine rich or poor?
Tell me darlin, are you sure?
Will you whisper yes I do
And forever love me true?
Wiil you honor and obey?
Will you promise not to stray?
Tell me darling, are you mine, and only mine?


TAG:  Last line of chorus.

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