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Granger Smith, What Would Jesse James Say Tabs

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Country Tabs > Smith Granger Tabs > What Would Jesse James Say

Artist/Band: Smith Granger Tabs
Song: What Would Jesse James Say Tab

Verse 1

I don't hang around town
I never keep my landing gear down
Cadd9                       G                D
I love a good motel and the burning smell of wheels on ground
I dont go where I go
Just cause there's money on the road
Cadd9                      G             D
It's a ramblin way its the same today as it was long ago


I got holes in the soles of my redwing boots
A long way to go before the day is through
Cadd9                G                  D
my back to the wind, scruff on my chin, my hat pulled down low
I got three hundred horses beneath my hood
More stars at night than in Hollywood
Cadd9                 G                   D
The road lets me be a hawk on the breeze it just goes on and on
        Cadd9                 G                Cadd9          D    Cadd9
Like an outlaw on the run my guitar for a gun if only he were here today

What would Jesse James say

Verse 2

I've seen little cafes
Blowing through towns with no names
Cadd9                           G                         D
I put gas in my truck with the last couple bucks from the jar on the stage
There's a girl that I need
But shes probably going to leave
Cadd9                 G                        D
Shes not to blame any girl would do the same with a drifter like me

Repeat Chorus


Running hard through the big black sky
There's no one else in the desert tonight
I get the feeling running through my vains
Cadd9                        D
I wonder if he ever felt the same

Repeat Chorus

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