Artist: Deric Ruttan | Song: That's How I Wanna Go Out

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Deric Ruttan, That's How I Wanna Go Out Tabs

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Country Tabs > Ruttan Deric Tabs > That's How I Wanna Go Out

Artist/Band: Ruttan Deric Tabs
Song: That's How I Wanna Go Out Tab

Intro [F] [C] [Bb] [C] F

Verse 1
[F]                                    [C]
The doctor said, "We've run out of options
         [Bb]                               [F]
But we can stop the pain and help you sleep
        [F]                                     [C]
That ol' man laughed, and slowly put his shirt on
                [Bb]                            [F]  [C]
Said, "Son, dyin' here with you don't comfort me

           [F]                       [C]
I'll turn 88 next Tuesday if the good Lord let's me tarry
            [Bb]                                [F]
And I'll spend it on the front porch with my arm around my Mary
F                                       C                         Bb
I've learned a lot 'bout livin' but the only thing I'm sure about now 
Bb                                Dm       C               Bb
Is I came into this world in the arms of a woman who loved me -
[Bb]                      [F]
That's how I wanna go out"

[F] [C] [Bb] [C]

Verse 2

[F]                                     [C]
He said, "I once backpacked across Europe
         [Bb]                      [F]
With my buddies in the 2nd infantry
[F]                                   [C]
Back when it was rainin' German bullets
  [Bb]                               [F]
I never should have made it past nineteen
         [F]                             [C]
But I lived to see an angel at the altar
        [Bb]                             [F]
And lovin' her is the reason I'm alive
[F]                                        [C]
Doc, it feels like I'm just gettin' started
             [Bb]                             [F]  [C]
So sittin' here with you, I'm just wastin' time



[F] [C] [Bb] [C]

Outro [F] [C] [Bb] [C] [F] [C] [Bb] 

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