Artist: Tom Russell | Song: Touch Of Evil

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Tom Russell, Touch Of Evil Tabs

Tom Russell Lyrics. Please, support artist.
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Country Tabs > Russell Tom Tabs > Touch Of Evil

Artist/Band: Russell Tom Tabs
Song: Touch Of Evil Tab

Intro: G C/G x2

    G                       C                             G   C/G
The night my baby left me I crossed the bridge to Juarez avenue
C         G                               C                                 
Like that movie "Touch of evil" I got the Orson Wells, Marlene Dietrich 
C           G
Where Orson walks in to the whore house and
C                                G  C/G
Marlene says "Man, you look like hell"
And Orson's chewing on a chocolate bar
as the lights go on in the old Blue Star hotel
         C                                                           Bm
"Read my future" says old Orson, "down inside the tea leaves of your cup"
And she says "You ain't got no future, Hank,
C               D                G
I believe your future's all used up"

                  C                               G
    Why don't you touch me anymore? Why don't you touch me anymore?
               D                              G                    (G7)
    Why do you run away and hide? You know it hurts me deep inside
               C                                 G
    Why do you close the bedroom door? This is a brutal little war
                 D                                  C           G
    What good is all this fightin' for if you don't touch me anymore?


(Chords like 1st verse, until notice)
     G                           C                      G C/G
They shot "A touch of evil" in a Venice, California colony
C               G
And I grew near those dead canals
                      C                     G
where they filmed the longest pan shot ever made
C                 G                   C                               G     C/G
Now I'm thinking about the movie, the bar I'm in, the bridge, the Rio Grande
         G                             C/G
Now I'm thinking about my baby and the borderline 'tween a woman and a man
       C                                                         Bm
I was drunk as Orson Wells the night I crawled backwards out the door
      Am                    C            D           G
I was screaming "Baby, baby how come you touch me anymore?"


G C/G x3

(Chords like 2nd verse)
        G                         C                                    G  C/G
Oh, someone rolled the credits on twenty years of love turned dark and raw
      C            G                C                          G
Not a technicolor love film, it's a brutal document, it's film noir
         C                   G                  C                        G  C/G
And it's all played out on a borderline and the actors are tragically miscast
                  G                   C/G
Like a Mexican burlesk show where the characters are wearing comic masks
         C                                                           Bm
Oh, it's love and love alone I cry to the barmen in this Juarez waterhole
              Am                 C                 D          G
As we raise a glass to Orson and "A touch of evil" livin' our souls


Outro: G C/G x3 G

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