Artist: Tom Russell | Song: Santa Fe At Midnight

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Tom Russell, Santa Fe At Midnight Tabs

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Country Tabs > Russell Tom Tabs > Santa Fe At Midnight

Artist/Band: Russell Tom Tabs
Song: Santa Fe At Midnight Tab

capo at 3th fret

(G) Look at that headlight shining troug the (Em) rain
It (C) must be that old Santa Fe freigh(D)train pause (G) Yeah

Verce 1

I`m (G) standing on Salteo Tile on an (Em) old adobe porch
A(C)cross the street the Baptist church, God`s own neon (G) torch
With my baby sleeping safe inside,
I`m the shadow she`s the light.
Now here (C) comes the sound of  the (D) Santa Fe  at (G) midnight.

Verce 2 same chords as in verce 1


(C) Blowing trough those cotton fields
and Cana`tior river (G) breaks
past the (Em) shanty towns of (G) old Juarez,
The (C) eagle and the (D) snake
(C) Blowin across West Texas (D) rattling out of (Em) sight
The (C) music of the (D) Santa Fe at (G) midnight,
Making (Em) love to the sound of the (D) Santa Fe at (G) midnight.

Verce 3 and 4 same chords than  play chorus one more time

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