Artist: Linda Ronstadt | Song: When We Ran

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Linda Ronstadt, When We Ran Tabs

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Artist/Band: Ronstadt Linda Tabs
Song: When We Ran Tab

Linda Ronstdadt    When We Ran     written by John Hiatt

Carlos Vega           drums
Bob Glaub             bass
Benmont Tench         keyboards
Bernie Leadon         acoustic guitar
Mike Campbell         lead guitar
Waddy Wachtel         guitar
Andy Fairweather Low  guitar

Ab Bb Ab Bb  C
C                   Am            
Could have been the kiss of my life
                    F        C  
Could have been the death of me
                     F               Dm     G   
Could have been that I was just too scared
   G               Am    C       
To wait around and see
C                      Am       
You could have been a guardian angle
                      F      C           
I could have been the wicked one
            F              Dm     G            
Besides the buttons on our shirts
                        Am  C
What else did we leave undone
When we ran
When we ran
When we ran           
                Am                        C
Was it just the time slippin' through our hands
Right through our hands
Maybe I was tryin' to tell ya
                  F       C 
I'd never known a love so strong
             F              Dm       G
Maybe in the shadows of the night
                                 Am  C
We just couldn't tell right from wrong
Maybe its a real-life story
                F      C
Livin' with the sad regrets
             F                 Dm       G 
Maybe you   were just a sweet dream baby
                       Am  C
Somethin' that I can't forget
When we ran
When we ran
When we ran           
                Am                        C
Was it just the time slippin' through our hands
Right through our hands
Ab                      Bb        
You only had to say the word
I would have turned around and heard
                           Bb         F    D
But as it is we can't turn back
The mind's just a loose cannon, baby
                   G       D
And the memories, rolling dice
         G                   Em   A
We found something one time, baby
                        Bm  D
But we thought about it twice
And we ran
When we ran
        G            D           G           D
When we ran   and we ran  and we ran  and we ran       
From Linda Ronstadt  "We Ran"
Elektra Records 1998
Careers BMG Publishing Inc(BMI)



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