Artist: Linda Ronstadt | Song: Sometimes You Cant Win

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Linda Ronstadt, Sometimes You Cant Win Tabs

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Country Tabs > Ronstadt Linda Tabs > Sometimes You Cant Win

Artist/Band: Ronstadt Linda Tabs
Song: Sometimes You Cant Win Tab


Linda Ronstadt  Sometimes You Just Can't Win  written by Smokey Stover

C             F              C
Just when the sun shines the brightest
                    F         C  C7
And the world looks all right again
          F              G
Then the clouds fill the skies
You can't believe your eyes
C                        G
Sometimes you just can't win
         C          F             C
Well, my love never meant much to you, dear
              F        C   C7
To you, I was always a friend
    F         G
Oh, why did I fall
You have no heart at all
C         G              C
Sometimes you just can't win

SOLO    in C  then Achord

D                      G       D
No, I can't live like this any longer
    G                    D    D7
Not knowing just where I stand
   G                  A
Oh darling, you don't care
And, sweetheart, it don't seem fair.
D         A              D        G
Sometimes you just can't win
D         A              D
Sometimes you just can't win

From Linda Ronstadt "Get Closer"
Asylum Records 1982
Copyright 1979 Glad Music Company

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