Artist: Kenny Rogers | Song: Twenty Years Ago

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Kenny Rogers, Twenty Years Ago Tabs

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Country Tabs > Rogers Kenny Tabs > Twenty Years Ago

Artist/Band: Rogers Kenny Tabs
Song: Twenty Years Ago Tab


Intro:   D  G  D  C  G
   D  G  D  C  G

D     G        D        C  G
Itās been a long time since Iāve walked through this old town
D     G        A  A7
Oh how the memories start to flow
D     G        D        C  G
Thereās the old movie house, they finally closed it down
      D        G     A    A7     D    G    D    C   G
You could find me there every Friday night twenty years ago

D     G        D     C  G
I worked the counter at the drugstore down the street
D     G           A  A7
But nobodyās left there that I would know
D     G        D            C  G
On Saturday mornings thatās where all my friends would meet
D           G        A  A7 D
Youāld be surprized what a dime would buy twenty years ago
      Bm       G        D
All my memries from those days come gather Īround me
   Bm       G        A  A7
What Iād give if they could take me back in time
   Bm       G        D        G
Oh, it almost seems like yesterday, where do the good times go?
D        G  A  A7 D   G   D   G  D  C  G
Life was so much easier twenty years ago

D        G     D        C  G
I guess I should stop by Mr. Johnsonās Hardware Store
D      G          A  A7
His only son was my friend Joe
D     G         C G
He joined the army back in 1964
D                 G        A  A7 D
How could we know he would never come back twenty years ago


Life was so much easier twenty years ago.

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