Artist: Marty Robbins | Song: Little Green Valley 2

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Marty Robbins, Little Green Valley 2 Tabs

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Artist/Band: Robbins Marty Tabs
Song: Little Green Valley 2 Tab


Words and music by: Unknown
Performed by Marty Robbins, Gunfighter Ballads
Lyrics submitted to Cowpie by Allen Tucker
Transcribed by: W.Tucker, Chords by: M. Nelson
Key of C  (1=C, 4=F, 5=G)

1                   4                                     
I see a candlelight down in the little green valley
              5                                1
where Morning Glory vines are twining round my door.
Oh, how I wish I were there again
4                        1
down in the little green valley.
                5                                 1
That's where my homesick heart will trouble me no more.

             4                            1
There's only one thing ever gives me consolation
and that's the thought that I'll be going back someday.
And every night down upon my knees 
4                         1
I pray the Lord to please take me
             5                            1
back to that little old green valley far away.

I hear a mockingbird down in the little green valley.
He's singing out a song of welcome just for me.
And someone waits by the garden gate
down in the little green valley.
When I get back again
how happy she will be.

And by a little babbling brook once more we'll wander
and in a shady nook we'll dream the hours away
and I will leave all my cares behind, 
go where I know I'll find sunshine,
back to that little old green valley far away.

This is how I remember my parents singing this song many years ago.  If
anyone has corrections, please email them to me.  Thanks!  Marsha

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