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Artist/Band: Rob Baird Tabs
Song: Let Me Down Easy Tab

Capo 1

F C G Am

Verse 1:
F 	       C 	  	  	  	    G 	  	  	 Am
Ain't it funny getting what you want and have it all taken away
F 	       C 	  	  	  	    G 	  	             G 	  	 
It's like standing on top of the mountain and falling flat on your face
F 	       C  	  G 	  	                Am
Your not my first love and now I know your not my last
F 	       C                  G 
But before you go I got one thing to ask

F              C
Let me down easy
Make me believe
F 	        C
Let me down easy
So I still think you give a damn about me

Verse 2:

You can pack your things, yeah give me back what I gave you

If you want something to remember me by, you don't have to

Go ahead and disappear, Wont see me shed any tears

I've been knowing for a while, cause you still make me smile, so,


F 	  	    C 	 G 	  	  	 Am
So think about me baby, when you find some body new
F 	  	     C     G                    G
Yeah think about me baby, when the story he tells is true?

Chorus x2

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