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Artist/Band: Rob Baird Tabs
Song: Fade Away Tab

Capo 7

Intro: G D Em7 Cadd9 x2
G        D     Em7     Cadd9    
I'm just gonna fade away
G            D              Em7         Cadd9
no I can't stay here if I wanna stay sain 
      G            D            Em7       Cadd9       
guess I'll leave down those streets of gold
G             D       Em7      Cadd9
all turned to rust as I grew old
G               D    Em7       Cadd9
she don't wanna be a back ground girl
G          D               Em7      Cadd9  
says shes ready for the big ol' world
G                  D     Em7   Cadd9     
well her daddy says get you a cpa 
G               D           Em7       Cadd9
little darlin you've got bill's to pay
D           Em7        Cadd9 
but she don't wanna away
D         Em7             Cadd9  
no she don't wanna fade away

G D Em7 Cadd9 x2

G         D          Em7      Cadd9
so baby lets get out of Abilene 
G              D                  Em7          Cadd9
cause we both know there ain't a god dang thing 
G        D           Em7   Cadd9
left for us that we can't find
G       D          Em7          Cadd9   
out there between the highway lines
D           Em7           Cadd9
yeah were just gonna fade away
       D    Em7           Cadd9
yeah were just gonna fade away
G                          D
come on baby kiss your momma goodbye
leavin here is worth the tears she'll cry
this ain't where their gonna dig my grave
D                   Em7  Cadd9
cause I ain't gonna fade away
G          D        Em7   Cadd9
oh meet me out on highway 84
      G            D         Em7       Cadd9
by the fillin station and the liquor store
G           D            Em7         Cadd9
pack your bags a little heavy this time
G         D       Em7     Cadd9
we'll go see what we cant find

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