Artist: Johnny Reid | Song: You Still Own Me

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Johnny Reid, You Still Own Me Tabs

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Country Tabs > Reid Johnny Tabs > You Still Own Me

Artist/Band: Reid Johnny Tabs
Song: You Still Own Me Tab

Intro C  Bm  Am  Am-F      2 x

C                     Bm
I put a for sale sign on the front of my truck
Am                      G      
Said call anytime cause I'm always up
F                         G - Am - Bm      
Make an offer, one that I won't refuse 
C                         Bm 
I bought a one way ticket on a westbound plane 
Am                     G                 F    
Four hours later I was wearing shades in California 
     G - Am - Bm  
Just hanging loose 
Am                G
I didn't pack one memory 
Am                  G
And even though i'm free 

I can go where I wanna go 
Do what I wanna do 
Am                 G
Be who I wanna be 
F          F - G - Am - G
But baby, you still own me 
Say what I wanna say 
Hear what I wanna hear 
Am                       G
Dream what I wanna dream 
F-Am        F - G - Am
But baby, you still own me 

Intro C  Bm  Am  Am-F     1x


I was up all night cause I couldn't sleep 
Instead of staring at the ceiling I hit the beach 
Took a long walk, it didn't help me much 
I sat down in the sand with a handful of shells 
Kicked off my shoes while me myself and I watched 
The sun come up 

Am                G
I didn't pack one memory 
Am                  G
And even though i'm free 


B             Am  G   C    
Maybe I'm not in your arms 
(You own me)
B            Am   G C G   
But you still own my heart 

Repeat Chorus

You still own me, yeah 
You still own me 

Outro C Bm Am Am-F

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