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Jim Reeves, When Two Worlds Collide Tabs

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Artist/Band: Reeves Jim Tabs
Song: When Two Worlds Collide Tab

by Roger Miller and Bill Anderson 
Recorded by Jim Reeves, 1961

(bass - strum - strum pattern)

(Intro)  E/B  E  A  E7

     A                           B7             E
Your world was so different from mine don't you see
                    E7              A            E7
We just couldn't be close though we tried
   A                            B7               E
We both reached for heavens but ours weren't the same
            E/B          E          A            A7
That's what happens when two worlds collide

 D                        A
Your world was made up of things sweet and good
 D                       A             E
My world could never fit in, wish it could
    A                             B7           E
Two hearts lie in shambles and oh how they've cried
            E/B          E          A
That's what happens when two worlds collide

(Instr)  E/B  E  A  A7

(Repeat verse 2) 

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