Artist: Jim Reeves | Song: The Blizzard

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Jim Reeves, The Blizzard Tabs

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Artist/Band: Reeves Jim Tabs
Song: The Blizzard Tab

Subject: The Blizzard; by Jim Reeves---Submitted by Rick Davidson

I got this off of an album of a friends a while back but don't remember
which one or what the writers name was.  If I get this I'll send it
Thanks Rick 

          C               C7          F             C
There's a blizard comming on, how I'm wishing I was home,
       C                              G
for my pony's lame, and he can hardly stand.
       C               C7          F                    C
Listen to that norther sigh, if we don't get home we'll die.
         G                        Am
But it's only seven miles to Mary Ann's.
     G                        C
It's only seven miles to Mary Ann's.

        C                C7             F           C
You can bet we're on her mind, for it's nearly supertime
         C                               G
and I'll bet there's hot bisquets in the pan.
        C                     C7                   F              C
Lord my hands feel like there froze, and there's a numbness in my toes.
         G                            Am
But it's only five more miles to Mary Ann's.
     G                            C
It's only five more miles to Mary Ann's.

            C              C7           F              C
That wind's howling and it seems mighty like a woman's scream.
         C                            G
And we'd best abe moving faster if we can.
         C                C7             F               C
Dan just think about that barn, with the hay so soft and warm.
         G                       Am
For it's only more miles to Mary Ann's,
     G                             C
It's only three more miles to Mary Ann's.

(Talk--chord in background)
Dan get up you ornery cuss, or you'll be the death of us.
I'm so weary, but I'll help you if I can.
Alright dan, perhaps it's best, if we stop a while and rest.
For it's still a hundred yards to Mary Ann's.
It's still a hundred yards to Mary Ann's.

(Talk--chord in background.)
Late that night the storm was gone, the found him there at dawn.
He'd-a-made it but he just couldn't leave old Dan.
Yes they found him there on the plains, hands froze to the reigns.
He was just a hundred yards form Mary Ann's.
        G                              C
He was just a hundred yards from Mary Ann's.

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