Artist: Reba McEntire | Song: It's Your Call

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Reba McEntire, It's Your Call Tabs

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Artist/Band: Reba McEntire Tabs
Song: It's Your Call Tab

Artist: Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire - It's Your Call

 ---(capo 3rd fret)---

Intro D - Bm - G - A

(verse 1)
         D            Bm
It's your call, it's her,
          G              A              D - A
Would you rather take it in the other room,
             D           Bm
She's hanging on and so am I,
   Em7                          Asus       A
Yeah, I know all about it, don't act so surprised,

   Em7                            A
It's time to end this game you're playing,
   Em7                         A     Bb     Bm - G - A
She's not the only one who's waiting on the line,

(verse 2)
         D                Bm
It's your call, it's up to you,
    G                 A                   D - A
And I won't try to stop you if you want to go,
      D                     Bm
But if you stay tell her goodbye,
    Em7                              Asus           A
I can't take another minute, I can't stand another night,

  Em7                     A
Of wondering if I still matter,
  Em7                         A
It's something only you can answer,
  Bb        Bm  - G - A            D
Here's the phone,     it's your call,

     Bm               F#m
There's no easy way out this time,
    G                   D
Cause I won't live this way,
   Bm               F#m
She called here to talk to you, 
    Em7                Asus-A
With a message I can't take,

(lead chords - D - Bm - G - A - D - D - Bm - G - Em7 - A)

(ending chorus)
    Em                         A
Oh I've got to know if I still matter,
   Em                        A
It's only something you can answer,
 Bb          Bm - G - A           D
Here's the phone,     it's your call,

Outro - D - Bm - G - A - D

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