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Collin Raye, In This Life Tabs

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Artist/Band: Raye Collin Tabs
Song: In This Life Tab

song: In this life
by: Collin Raye

intro: C F G/B Csus 

(C)For all I'd been blessed with in my(F)life,
(G7sus)there was an emp(G)tiness in me(C),
(G/B)(Am)I was imprisoned by the(Dm)power of gold,
(G7sus)With one honest touch you set me(C)free,


Let the(Dm)world stop turn(G/B)ing, let the(C)sun
stop burn(F)ing, Let them(Dm)tell me love's not worth
going(G7sus)through,(G)(C)If it(F)all falls apart(G/B)
I will(C)know deep(G/B)in my(F)heart,
the(Dm)only dream that mattered had come(G7sus)(G)
(C)in this(F)life, I was(C/G)loved___(G)by(C)

(F) (G/B) 

(C)for every mountain I have(F)climbed,
(G7sus)every raging(G)river(C)crossed,
(G/B)(Am)You were the treasure that I(Dm)longed to find,
(G7sus)Without your love I would be(C)lost,

repeat chorus:end on F

(G/B)(C)(G/B)(F)in this(Dm7)life I was(C/G)loved____,
(G)by(C)you.  (F) (G/B) (Csus) (C).

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