Artist: Randy Rogers Band | Song: I'll Be Here For You

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Randy Rogers Band, I'll Be Here For You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Randy Rogers Band Tabs
Song: I'll Be Here For You Tab

randy rogers

i'll be here for you

i'm too lazy to make sure it's perfect but it's close. just put corrections in the comments 
and i'll fix it later.

capo 2

intro: A,F#m, Bm, G, A

D                A
good times come, and they go
Bm              Bm/A,G  
rain won't fall,      wind will blow

D               A
through it all, you gotta know
G                  Bm,Bm/A
i'll do what i can do

D              A
to protect you, right or wrong

Bm        Bm/A,G
heal the hurt,  till the hurt is gone

D                    A
i'll be right where, i belong, 

G       A        D
i'll be here for you

G                     A        D/F#
i'll be here when the sky turns gray

G                      A         D/F#
sun goes blind and the moon won't stay

G                    D  
i'll be the light to guide your way

A              Bm,Bm/A
onto someplace new

G                     A       D/F#
I'll be here when the crowd is gone

G                      A         D/F#
last note fades on the very last song

G                   A
i'll be the road to take you home

A       G        D
i'll be here for you

When your star falls, from the sky

And your wings don't, want to fly

Just remember I'm standing by

To help to see you this through

Cause better days, will come again

Clouds will break, your heart will mend

I'll be right where, I've always been

I'll be here for you



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