Artist: Eddie Rabbitt | Song: Kentucky Rain

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Eddie Rabbitt, Kentucky Rain Tabs

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Artist/Band: Rabbitt Eddie Tabs
Song: Kentucky Rain Tab

This was requested in the Newsletter, it was written by Eddie Rabbit.
Recorded by Eddie as well as Elvis and probably others also.
Dan Mooney - Portland, Oregon

[C]Seven lonely [G7]days, and a [C]dozen towns [F]ago, I [C]reached out one
[F]night and you were [C]gone,[C7] I [F]don't know why you'd [G7]run, what
you're [C]running to or [Am]from, [D7]all I know is I want to bring you

[C]So I'm walking in the [G7]rain, [C]thumbing for a [F]ride, on this
[C]lonely [F]Kentucky [C]back road,[C7] I've [F]loved you much too [G7]long,
[C]my loves too [Am]strong, to [D7]let you go never knowing what went

[D]Kentucky rain keeps pouring [C]down, [Bm] [Em]and up aheads another
[Am]town [G7]that [F]I'll [Em]go [F]walking [C]through, with the [C]rain in
my [Em]shoes, [Am]searching for [F]you, [G7]in the cold Kentucky
[C]rain,[Em] [F]in the [G7]cold Kentucky [C]rain.

[C]Showed your photo[G7]graph, to some [C]old gray bearded [F]men, sitting
[C]on a bench out[F]side a general [C]store, [C7]they said [F]yes, she's
been [G7]here, but their [C]memory wasn't [Am]clear, was it [D7]yesterday,
no wait, the day be[G7]fore.

[C]Finally got a [G7]ride, with a [C]preacher man who [F]asked where you
[C]bound for on such a [F]cold dark after[C]noon,[C7] as we [F]drove on
through the [G7]rain, as he [C]listened, I ex[Am]plained, and he [D7]left me
with a prayer that I'd find [G7]you.


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