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Elvis Presley, Crying In The Chapel Tabs

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Artist/Band: Presley Elvis Tabs
Song: Crying In The Chapel Tab

Crying In The Chapel
Written by: Artie Glenn     Recorded by: Elvis
transcribed by bill evans,

C                          F
You saw me crying in the chapel,
the tears I shed were tears of joy;
I know the meaning of contentment,
G7                        C      F  C
now I am happy with the Lord.
Just a plain and simple chapel,
where humble people go to pray;
I pray the Lord that I'll grow stronger,
G7                    C     F  C  
as I live from day to day.
       F                            C            
I've searched and I've searched but I couldn't find
 D7                               G7
no way on earth to gain peace of mind.
Now I'm happy in the chapel,
were people are of one accord;
We gather in the chapel,
G7                          C     F  C
just to sing and praise the Lord.

Every sinner looks for something,
that will put his heart at ease;
There is only one true answer, 
he must get down on his knees.
Meet your neighbor in the chapel,
join with him in tears of joy;
You'll know the meaning of contentment,
then you'll be happy with the Lord.
You'll search and you'll search,
but you'll never find;
no way on earth to gain peace of mind.
Take your troubles to the chapel,
get down on your knees and pray;
Your burdens will be lighter, 
and you'll surely find the way.

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