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Pirates Of Mississippi, Too Much Tabs

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Artist/Band: Pirates Of Mississippi Tabs
Song: Too Much Tab

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Too Much
By Guy Clark and Lee Roy Parnell
Performed by the Pirates of the Mississippi

(G)  Too much workin' will make your back break
(G)  Too much trouble will bring ya heartache
(D)  Too much gravy will make ya fat
(G)  Too much rain is where ya at
(G)  Too much coffee will raise your heart tick
(G)  Too much road will make ya homesick
(D)  Too much money will make ya lazy
(G)  Too much whiskey will drive ya crazy

(C) Too much, just ain't enough
(G) Too much ain't enough
(D) Baby, you're the only thing
(G)  I do too much of ain't enough

Too much hot rod get ya a ticket
Too much dog make ya kick it
Too much hidin' out will find ya
Too much you know what'll blind ya
Too much wrist watch make ya hurry
Too much waitin' will make ya worry
Too much smokin' will give ya cancer
Too much cocaine ain't the answer


Too much walkin' will wear ya shoes out
Too much juice will blow your fuse out
Too much mexican food will fill ya
Too much honky tonk will kill ya
Too much chip will bruise your shoulder
Too much birthday will make ya older
Too much map always lost me
Too much fun always cost me


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