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Pirates Of Mississippi, Speak Of The Devil Tabs

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Artist/Band: Pirates Of Mississippi Tabs
Song: Speak Of The Devil Tab

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Speak of the Devil
Written by Rick Alves, Bill McCorvey, Danny Bear Mayo
>From the Best of the Pirates of the Mississippi
Intro [D]
[A] You think there's someone else so today you're gonna [D] leave
[A] But I went out alone I can't help what you [G] believe
You can't blame it all on [A] me

[NC] Speak of the devil [D], he took me out again last [A] night
He got me drunk and he got me in a [D] fight
He was chasin' women, I was [G] just there for the [E] ride
[A] Speak of the devil, he took me out again last [D] night


[A] You say I had my chance and I didn't change my [D] ways
[A] Well it ain't all my fault (no-oh) but I still got hell to [G] pay
Well it feels like judgement [A] day

(Chorus X2)

Speak of the devil, he took me out again last night

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