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Pirates Of Mississippi, Fighting For You Tabs

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Artist/Band: Pirates Of Mississippi Tabs
Song: Fighting For You Tab

Its not completely right, so I'm hoping some your COWPIE folks might be
able to help me fix it up.  There are two chords I'm looking for (where the
???), but you almost have to listen to the CD to find 'em.  You can get by
OK with the chords I provided (I hope).

Fighting For You
By Roger Murrah, Bill McCorvey
Performed by the Pirates of the Mississippi

Do		 F#/D
I don't know if I can recover
 G				???
How can we be friends if we can't be lovers
D	    Em		A D
Its killing me thinking of you with him
Do			F#/D
Call it pride; Call it stubborn
 G					  ???
But I won't give up Til I know there's no other way
A		D
To start all over again

'Cause there's just so much one man can take
Even the strongest heart can break
When the tears start to roll its like
 ???		Em  A
Trying to hold back the sea
      Do			    F#/D
But I won't give up, you know how I am
    G			???
I fight til I fall then make one more stand
  D		A	    D
How can I lose fighting for you

G	D	A		D
Tell me how can I lose fighting for you

Do  is a D played with an open E (I'm not sure the correct musical note)

F#/D  is the same Do played with an F# (low E, second fret) in the bass note

??? are two chords that I can hear on the CD, but don't have a clue

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