Artist: Johnny Paycheck | Song: Me and the I.R.S.

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Johnny Paycheck, Me and the I.R.S. Tabs

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Country Tabs > Paycheck Johnny Tabs > Me and the I.R.S.

Artist/Band: Paycheck Johnny Tabs
Song: Me and the I.R.S. Tab

(G) I'm gonna tell the man at the IRS, this old (C) boy, Hell, Ive had (G) enough!  'Cause the way the big man rakes it in,
(A7) the little man coughs it(D7) up.  Well, the (G) bite keeps a-gettin' bigger, and the paycheck's a gettin'(C)small.  You
(G)know the IRS (A7)ain't gonna rest, until they (D7) think they've got it (G) all!

(C)They take out the bucks on a lot of folks, but (G)listen, I ain't one.  (A7)From now on I'm a keepin' by pay, (D7)ain't
gonna deduct none.  So (G)erase my name from your record, take me off your mailin' (C)list.  You can (G)write me off, 'cause
(A7) I ain't givin'a (D7) dime to the IRS!

Well, It's hard to keep my hands on my woman, with (C)Uncle Sam's hand in my (G)pants.  And if I can't afford the music,
(A7)how in the hell am I gonna (D7)dance. Now, if (G)everybody kicked in his fair share, I (C) might back up and say (G) yes.
But the big man plays, while the (A7)little man pays, (D7) So to Hell with the (G)IRS

(C)They take out the bucks on a lot of folks, but (G)sucker, I ain't one.  (A7)From
now on I'm a keepin' my pay, (D7)ain't gonna
deduct none.  (G)So put your 1040 form where the sun don't shine, straighten out you own damn (C)mess.  You can (G)write me
off, 'cause I (A7) ain't givin' - a (D7)dime to the (G)IRS.  You can (G)write me off, 'cause I (A7) ain't givin' - a (D7)
dime to the (G) IRS!


You want to know why?  'Cause they just blow it!  Hell, you could take what they spend studying the sex habits of the South
American Swamp Rat, and keep us all in beer for the next hundred years!  Blood suckers!
Did you ever see Dracula in a grey flannel suit?  Look up, you will.

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