Artist: Tom Paxton | Song: Marvelous Toy

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Tom Paxton, Marvelous Toy Tabs

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Country Tabs > Paxton Tom Tabs > Marvelous Toy

Artist/Band: Paxton Tom Tabs
Song: Marvelous Toy Tab

Date: (No, or invalid, date.)

Capo: 3rd Fret  play in "C"
Intro:   [G   -    C   -   D   -   G]
G                 C              G                  D
When I was just a wee little lad full of health and joy.
   C               G                               D
My father homeward came one night and gave to me a toy.
G           C                   G                D
A wonder to behold, it was with many colors bright.
          C           G                  D                 G
And the moment I laid eyes on it,   It became my hearts delight.

        G                   D                    C                   G
It went zip when it moved, Bop when it stopped, Whirr when it stood still
      C          G                 D             G                       I never knew just what it was, And I guess I never will.

G                    C              G         D
The first time that I picked it up I had a big surprise.
     C                        G                      D
For right on it's bottom were two big buttons that looked like big green eyes.
G                       C             G                   D
I first pushed one and then the other, then I twisted it's lid.
    C             G          D             G

And when I sat it down again here's what it did:


    G                   C                  G                    D
It first marched right, then marched left, then marched under a chair. 
    C                   G           D                G
And when I looked where it had gone, it wasn't even there.
  G                      C                   G                  D
I started to cry and my daddy laughed, for he knew that I would find
    C                  G              D             G

When I turned around my marvelous toy chuggin' from behind.            


Now the years have gone by to quickly it seems,  I have my own little boy,

And yesterday I gave to him  my marvelous little toy

His eyes nearly popped right out of his head,  he gave a squeal of glee.

Neither one of us know just what it is, but he loves it just like me


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