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Dolly Parton, Baby I'm Burnin' Tabs

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Artist/Band: Parton Dolly Tabs
Song: Baby I'm Burnin' Tab

Baby I'm Burnin' 
By Dolly Parton

Capo 2

You look at me that way
  D              A
I know what your eyes say
     D                       A
Your eyes reflect love and desire
I see that you need me
  D           A
I need you to please me
    D                      A 
You touch me and set me on fire

It痴 the way that you love me
The way that you touch me
The way that you whisper my name
I cannot resist you
Each time I kiss you
Then everything goes up in flames

D        A       E         A
Baby I知 burning out of control
D        A       E        A
Baby I知 burning body and soul
D        A         E         A
Hot as a pistol of flaming desire
D        A            E         A
Baby I知 burning, you got me on fire

I知 on fire

This red hot emotion
Puts fireworks in motion
It looks like the Fourth Of July
There痴 no use in fighting
The fire you致e ignited
Just stand back and watch the sparks fly


Baby I知 burning
Baby I知 burning
Baby I知 burning
Baby I知 burning


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