Artist: Kyle Park | Song: The Night Is Young

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Kyle Park, The Night Is Young Tabs

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Country Tabs > Park Kyle Tabs > The Night Is Young

Artist/Band: Park Kyle Tabs
Song: The Night Is Young Tab

Capo 1

G D C twice

We're two perfect strangers with no expectations
And nothing important to say
I don't hardly know you but I'd love to hold you
And I hope that you feel the same way
Bm             C
Tonight we can make our own rules
Bm                  F          D
Girl we ain't got a thing to lose

    D     C  G  C 
The night is young
C          G   C 
And so are we
       Em                           F                         D
We got nothing but time and there's no place that we've gotta be
   D    C  G  C
So take my hand
                Em F
And a chance on me
                   G   C
Cause the night is young
    C  D   G   D  C  G  D  C
And so are we

Where we'll wind up I don't know, but I'll go where you go
Just say the word and I'm there
        D                    F
If it's trouble you're into, I'm right there with you
C                        D  D/C#  D/B  D/A
I know we'll find it somewhere


     Em                                              F
That last look you gave me, made me think maybe it's time you and I disappeared
      Em                                             F                        D
Let's cut to the chase, I don't wanna waste one more minute, let's get out of here


Oh, the night is young
And so are we
Oh, and so are we

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