Artist: James Otto | Song: Sunset Man

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James Otto, Sunset Man Tabs

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Country Tabs > Otto James Tabs > Sunset Man

Artist/Band: Otto James Tabs
Song: Sunset Man Tab

Verse 1:
           E             A   E
I used to wake up early every day
         A        E      B     E
Just to feel the sunrise on my face
                       A      E
Me and my woman on the front porch swing
A                E       B            E
Listening to the morning mockingbirds sing

Verse 2:
                         A          E
Well I woke one day to a screen door slam
        A       E       B       A
Found a goodbye note on our nightstand
                             B       C#m
Next to her coffee cup and a wedding band
       A        E      B      E
Since then I've been a sunset man

       B                            A                E
When I see the sunrise coming up I draw the curtains down
          A                  E       B     (fast strum down-up-down)
Cause the morning brings her memory around
                                  A             E
I know its warm and beautiful and lights up the sky
    A             E             B
But these days it only hurts my eyes

Verse 3 (use verse 2 chords):
I don't show my face til the afternoon
Anything a.m is just too soon
Cause it reminds me how she up and ran
And damned me to be a sunset man

Repeat Chorus x2

          E                   A     E
It's hard not to cry but I'll do my best
      A        E         B       A
Just keep this old chair facing west
                            B      C#m
Til she puts that ring back on her hand
             A      E    B      A
I guess I'll always be a sunset man
                 E    B      A
Well I'll always be a sunset man
                 E    B      E (one strum)
Yeah I'll always be a sunset man

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